Funeral Planning

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Funerals – A Celebration of Life

A funeral is a celebration of a life and a time for family and friends to gather and support one another. It`s a time for sharing the memories of someone who touched your life. Funeral home visitation, funeral service eulogies and funeral receptions are times for sharing memories and comforting loved ones.

A death in the family is one of the most traumatic of all life`s events. Most of us are ill prepared for the emotional strain, the innumerable decisions and the costs.
Preplanning now will allow your family the time they need to care for one another when a death occurs.

Three simple steps:

  1. Prepare the personal documentation that will be necessary at the time of death
  2. Calculate the future cost and prepare for that expense
  3. Arrange an appointment to meet with one of our Funeral Directors and pre-plan


Prearranging a funeral is a sensible part of estate planning, just as making a will is. When you discuss prearranged funerals with your Funeral Director, it gives you an opportunity to ask questions and to be sure you fully understand what services are to be performed and what the costs are in a thoughtful and unhurried setting.

Planning ahead has helped those who are faced with the challenging task of arranging a funeral for a loved one. Making your wishes known ahead-of-time, can be of great assistance to your survivors. Making decisions in an unhurried, calm and informed fashion, will provide for much “wiser” decisions. Pre-planning a funeral can also include pre-payment. Although there is no requirement to prepay your prearranged services, you may wish to consider doing so. Pre-payment offers many advantages:

Pre-determining costs
Alleviating the financial burden from your survivors
Income tax deferral on investments
Funding options – trusting or insurance
Flexible time payment plans
Peace of mind

At Steadman Brothers Funeral Home, you have the ability to lock-in costs against future increases. Once the pre-arranged funeral contract is paid in-full, the contract will be Guaranteed. If the funds, plus accumulated interest is more than the actual cost of providing the goods and services selected, the excess will be refunded to the estate. If there is a shortfall of funds, the funeral home assumes that risk. Prepaid funds are protected by a compensation fund which is funded by all funeral homes in Ontario and is administered by the Ontario Board of Funeral Directors.

Required Statistical Information
-name, address, birth date and place
-social insurance number
-full name of spouse including maiden name, even if widowed or divorced
-most recent occupation
-father`s name and birth place
-mother`s name and birth place
-name and address of executor, legal representative and next of kin

Our Funeral Directors would be pleased to sit down with you at the funeral home or a convenient location to discuss your wishes and provide you with the information that you need to help you prearrange your funeral.

For more information and options, please contact us by phone at 519-864-1193 or e-mail

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